Review: Bone Gap by Laura Ruby


My Rating: 4/5 Cups of Tea


Genre: Magic Realism/Contemporary

Summary: Roza exits the O’Sullivan brothers’ lives just as quickly as she entered it, one minute there, the next gone. Finn is the last to see her, but for some reason, he can’t remember the face of the man who took her, just the way he moved. His older brother, who was undoubtedly in love with Roza, just wants to move on as yet again the brothers are left by someone important in their lives. Finn is set on finding her, though, against all odds, and it will take courage, a bit of magic, and some help from new and old friends to do so.

Things I Loved:

1) The realistic magic was beautifully done. It was just mysterious enough to leave you wondering, but not to consume the whole story.

2) The town of Bone Gap felt like home. I wish I could drive there now and talk with all the characters.

3) Sean and Roza. OTP of this book. So, so, so, so sweet.

4) All the female characters are on point.

Things I Disliked: 

1) The pacing felt a little off to me.

2) Some portions were hard to follow. They felt overly vague. It may have just been me, but it made for hard reading at times.

Recommend to: anyone looking to try magical realism, those who like good character development, and anyone who likes bees


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