Review: Furthermore by Tahereh Mafi


My Rating: 5/5 Cups of Tea

Genre: Middle Grade Fantasy

Summary: Alice, a girl born with no pigment in a world made of colors so bright they carry magic, has been waiting for her twelfth birthday for a long time. It is on this day, the day of the Surrender, that she will finally have her adventure, and possibly get out of Ferenwood to find her missing father. When the awful, rude, no-good Oliver returns to Ferenwood from his own uncompleted Surrender task in search of Alice’s help, though, Alice embarks with him into the wild and magical land of Furthermore, where up and down are options just like left and right, paper foxes can be tricky to deal with, and where Oliver promises her father is to be found. Can Alice overcome her own fears and self-doubt in order to survive Furthermore and rescue her father?

Things I Loved:

1) Mafi’s prose brings my little writer heart to life with every sentence. There is magic in her words, through and through.

2) Alice is a wonderful protagonist, Oliver is a wonderful, complicated companion, and the omniscient narrator makes the perfect trifecta.

3) The cover is beautifully stunning and so accurate to the book. If you want to know the aesthetic of the book, just look at the cover.

4) This quote: “Why do you have to be the one to change? Change the way we see. Don’t change the way you are.” Preach, Tahereh, preach.

5) This book was like the perfect combination of A Wrinkle in Time, Alice in Wonderland, and Haroun and the Sea of Stories. The mix made for absolute perfection.

Things I Disliked:

1) Honestly, this book is just so beautifully written and constructed. I have nothing bad to say. Go read it. Now!

Recommend to: anyone who already knows they love Mafi’s prose, lovers of children’s classics such as A Wrinkle in Time, anyone who wants a fresh, beautiful read that cleanses the palate.


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