Review: Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

tumblr_obpwxuzozs1vcq27po2_400My Rating: 4/5 Cups of Tea

Genre: Fantasy/ Historical Romance

Summary: Claire Beauchamp Randall’s life hasn’t been easy. Her parents died when she was young, she got married months before World War II broke out, and then for the years to follow, she nursed British soldiers while her husband did work elsewhere for the war effort. Now, after the war has finally ended, her and her husband have reunited and are taking a belated honeymoon to the Scottish Highlands. Out exploring one day, however, Claire is ripped from her time in the 1940s to the early 1740s. Stuck in a country heading towards war where English soldiers seem to be sticking around just to throw people in jail and flog them, Claire has very few options for safety. She must find a way to protect herself while trying to find a way back home. Especially when the Scots she spends her days with think she’s a spy, and the British she keeps running into think there’s something too suspicious about an unmarried English woman living alone in the middle of the Highlands. The clearest, but by far not the simplest solution is to marry. Luckily, Jamie Fraser, for his own safety, is also in need of spouse. The two are married, and Claire, as she falls in love with her new husband, begins to wonder if trying to find a way back to her own time is really her top priority.

Things I Loved:

1)    Considering that it was an 850 page book, I read it super duper fast. I could not put it down, seriously.

2)    THE SETTING. Anyone wanna take a trip to the Scottish Highlands soon?

3)    I love, love, love Claire. From her take no shit attitude, to her “Jesus H. Roosevelt Christs”. FAVE.

4)    Jamie Fraser. Jamie. Fraser. Jamie Fraser Jamie Fraser Jamie Fraser.

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5)    There was such a wonderful control of the tension throughout the entire novel. Beautifully done.

Things I Disliked:

1)    The “punishment” scene. Lord. Not cool. At all. It just felt so out of character for both Jamie and Claire. I still am so confused by why this needed to be in the book at all.

2)    A bit of a slow start, but it did pick up, so only a minor offense, really.

Recommend to: historical romance lovers, anyone obsessed with the Highlands, time travel lovers.


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