Review: Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli


My Rating: 5 out of 5 Cups of Tea


Genre: YA Contemporary

Summary: When Simon forgets to sign out of the school computer, his life begins to get messy. A “friend” of his finds a long chain of emails sent between Simon and a boy called Blue, who Simon is seriously crushing on… if you can crush on someone you’ve never met… or at least you don’t think you’ve met. Anyways, when this “friend” begins blackmailing Simon over not just the emails, but the truth about Simon’s sexuality, Simon must play along or face losing the people he loves most in his life… and the boy he’s possibly falling in love with.

Things I Loved:

  1. Simon is adorable, and I want to give him a hug. He is the most perfect and lovable character on the face of the earth. The personal growth that he goes through is one of the best in any YA book that I’ve read in a while.
  2. This book is great if you’re looking for diversity. Gay couples, bi-guys, characters of color, the list goes on. Seriously, if you’re into #WeNeedDiverseBooks pick this one up!
  3. Simon and Blue’s emails, which are shown about every other chapter, add such a light and fun tone to the book. They made me laugh and remember back to my first text flirtations. They’ll make you smile, I promise.
  4. This is one of those feel-good books that you just finish reading with an immense amount of joy. My reading experience was like wrapping up in a soft, warm blanket. I was so invested in these characters, their happiness, and their lives, that I wanted to stay in this book forever. I was honestly so sad to finish reading it.

Things I Disliked:

  1. Martin. Everything this guy does is crummy. He is utter scum. The few moments where there are hints at a redemption for him just made me angry. No, sir, you do not get my forgiveness.

Recommend to: contemporary YA lovers; #WeNeedDiverseBook readers; anyone looking for a great LGBTQ+ read; everyone, everywhere.


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