Review: The Girl From Everywhere by Heidi Heilig


My Rating: 3.5/5 Cups of Tea

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy 

Summary: For Nix’s entire life, she has lived aboard her father’s ship, the Temptation. Her and the crew follow and help her father on his life mission to return to Honolulu 1868, the year Nix was born, the year her mother died. With the ability to travel through time and space, the crew only needs one thing to return, a proper map from that time. Once found, Nix’s father will do anything to have it, but as their journey comes close to its end, Nix must begin to question where her loyalties and heart lie. Is she willing to risk everything, even her own life, for the chance for her mother to be saved?

Things I Loved:

1)    This concept was so intriguing. I mean, a crew who can travel through time and space, even make believe lands. It’s just so interesting to read about.

2)    Nix was a great character. Complex, dynamic, everything you want in a protagonist.

3)    The setting is wonderful. Most of this book takes place in Hawaii, and since Heilig herself is from these islands, it is no surprise how wonderfully she describes them and their beauty.

Things I Disliked:

1)    There could have been more character development for certain aspects of the ending to make more sense. A certain character’s actions felt wrong compared to all of his other actions through the book. I’ll just leave it at that.

2)    I have mixed feelings about the love triangle. I can see how it helped progress certain aspects of Nix’s character development, but at the same time, I also really didn’t like one of the boy’s she had a somewhat relationship with. Overall, I’m happy with who she ended up with, but I wish they could have been together faster and without the love triangle.

3)    Some aspects of this books, explanations, action scenes, etc, were sometimes confusing to read. I felt like everything was explained, but in a very cloaked or secretive way, so if even when I was right about my assumptions, it felt like a wild stab in the dark, which made reading confusing at times.

Recommend to: travel (time or otherwise) lovers, pirate story lovers, those who don’t mind love triangles.


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