Review: The Grand Sophy by Georgette Heyer

tumblr_inline_oc6gwy4vba1usujvj_400My Rating: 5/5 Cups of Tea


Genre: Historical Romance

Summary: When Sophy’s father has to travel across the Pacific, he drops Sophy at her aunt and uncle’s house to be watched after and hopefully married off. Sophy is a headstrong girl with a heart set on solving others’ problems and the mindset do just that. Her cousin Ceclia is in love with a poet, but previously promised to another man, and her cousin Charles, months away from marrying, is obviously unhappy. Her wild schemes will turn their house on its head. Could it be for the better, though?

Things I Loved:

1) I was unsure about the budding romance, but then the heroine’s dog attached itself to the hero, and I was sold.

2) Sophy is my new favorite. Defies all the ideals, kicks ass, takes no shit. Basically, she’s the best Heyer heroine ever.

3) The pacing was great. I never got bored reading. Every fight, scheme, and conversation was perfectly set up.

4) The ending. So much perfection. It was the perfect amount of chaos to create a truly hilarious scene and let ensue a very cute ending. By far my favorite ending of Heyer’s so far.

Things I Disliked:

1) Absolutely nothing. This was perfection.

Recommend to: Regency romance lovers, anyone who loves Jane Austen, anyone looking for a sassy, fun heroine


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