Review: The Princess Saves Herself in This One by Amanda Lovelace


My Rating: 5/5 Cups of Tea


Genre: Poetry

Summary: From first loves, to being an English major, Lovelace’s poetry covers all the bases of a life just trying to be figured out. Her poems are free-verse, short, and each ties in with the theme of young womanhood.

Things I Loved:

1) I related so, so much to these poems. From feelings of love, to feelings of guilt, to feelings of wonder and awe, to my feelings about being an English major. These poems spoke to me on a level so, so deep in my soul.

2) The writing is beautiful. These poems are short, memorable, and ready to storm their way into your heart with their beauty.

3) The way Lovelace handles grief is so raw, emotional, and true to life. These poems spoke to many of my own experiences with grief and put into words things I’ve been thinking about for years.

4) This poem, because it is now the response I want to give when people ask me why I don’t want children:


Things I Disliked:

1) Absolutely nothing. Go buy this now, read it, love it, relate to it, share it with everyone you know.

Recommend to: feminists, poetry lovers, women, for those who like quick reads


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