Review: All The Single Ladies by Rebecca Traister


Rating: 5 out of 5 Cups of Tea


Genre: Non-Fiction

Summary: Traister explores the rise of single women in the United States and what this means both for the women themselves and the country as a whole. Traister tracks what it means to be a single women today, from relationships to money, and she finds that single women are becoming a force to be reckoned with in all realms of the US’s culture.

Things I Loved:

  • INTERSECTIONALITY. I was so, so pleased that Traister made such a point nearly every chapter of discussing how single life-styles were different for women of different races, ages, sexualities, and times. I was afraid this book would ignore this, but it not only had it, but welcomed it into the conversation, leaving room for complication and ambiguity.
  • This book was so empowering. As a single woman about to finish college, this was just the book I needed to read. It showed me the power that I can have in the world, economically, politically, socially. This honestly could not have come at a better time in my life.
  • The way Traister brings other voices into the conversation while also tying in her own life and story was beautifully done. I was able to learn and relate all at once. Each voice and opinion was distinct and clear for the reader to understand.
  • The way Traister handled marriage and children bearing was also well done. This was not something I expected from a book about single women, but this aspect of the book lent much to the overall conversation. It made space for women and mothers in relationships and marriages to read and contemplate the book as well. It made me comfortable enough to want to share this book with my friends in relationships and marriages.

Things I Disliked:  

  • Honestly, nothing. This was a great read. Though I may not have agreed with all conclusions or opinions voiced, the book got me thinking about where I do stand on certain things. Above all else, this book got me having conversations with friends and family about feminism, relationships, and the like.

Recommend to: feminists, single ladies, ladies in relationships, politicians


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